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The works of budding writers from Central and Northern Mindanao demonstrate sensitivity to what the indigenous folk believe and affiliation to an individual’s basic need to stand for what one regards as the truth. Marina G. Quilab is a language and literature Assistant Professor in Iligan City. She is currently enrolled in graduate studies and is finishing her dissertation on the Bisaya literature of Lanao del Norte. Her publications can be found in Lagkit and Mindanao Forum. Angelito “Gil” Nambatac, Jr hails from the City of Waterfalls, Iligan City. He is currently finishing his Masters in Culture and Arts Studies at the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology. He writes in Binisaya, writing sugilanon (short story), balak (poem), gumalaysay (essay) and mubong drama (one-act play). He maintains a blog:, where he posts his thoughts on arts, culture, and politics.

Marina G. Quilab’s “Si Noy Kosme ug Ang Baliting Taw-an” expresses the beliefs of the folk people of Luknay, the story’s setting. It tells of the presence of the third-dimension creatures who dwell among the people in peace until their beloved home was disturbed by Nong Kosme and his team of loggers. Using the folk story, Quilab portrays the conflict that arises when the environment is destroyed by greed and power.

Angelito Nambatac, Jr.’s “Fighting My Tatay” tells the story of a child whose relationship with his sibling was nothing more than humdrum until an event forced the narrator to test and prove the unmeasurable love of a big brother for his little sibling as he finally stood up against their father. The narrator gradually constructed the image of the delicate yet strong bond siblings share.

The stories represent the emerging voices’ concerns. Though varied in their storytelling styles, these will continue to tell the narratives of the island.

Marina Quilab

Angelito Nambatac Jr.

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Shara Rose Olaya-Dionaldo
By Shara Rose Olaya-Dionaldo