AuthorShara Rose Olaya-Dionaldo

Western Mindanao


Introduction The works of emerging writers from Western Mindanao demonstrate artistry and valor to explore the often dismissed concerns of the people. The writers in the selection are two women. Floraime O. Pantaleta hails from Isabela City, Basilan, and is currently living in Zamboanga City. She writes in two major languages, English and Chavacano, and she also translates works from Chavacano to...

Northern and Central Mindanao


Introduction The works of budding writers from Central and Northern Mindanao demonstrate sensitivity to what the indigenous folk believe and affiliation to an individual’s basic need to stand for what one regards as the truth. Marina G. Quilab is a language and literature Assistant Professor in Iligan City. She is currently enrolled in graduate studies and is finishing her dissertation on the...