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Northern and Central Mindanao


Introduction The works of budding writers from Central and Northern Mindanao demonstrate sensitivity to what the indigenous folk believe and affiliation to an individual’s basic need to stand for what one regards as the truth. Marina G. Quilab is a language and literature Assistant Professor in Iligan City. She is currently enrolled in graduate studies and is finishing her dissertation on the...

Si Noy Kosme ug ang Baliting Taw-an


“Ah! Tuo man ka! Mahibaw-an bitaw nag naa bay tawo kay naay tae!” bugal-bugal nga tubag ni Noy Kosme kang Nang Pina sa dihang giingnan siya niini nga dili apilon pagputol ang baliti nga nag-umbaw sa dalan paingon sa Tangis. Dili kini apilon sa pagpangraha kay gibaniog kining taw-an. “Ha! Ha…! Mao gyod no!” kuros sa mga kainom ni Noy Kosme nga silang Noy Sinto, Noy Balodoy, ug ang iyang mga...

Fighting My Tatay


Weird. But, we haven’t had any fight with my little brother. From a simple sibling misunderstanding to raising curses from nowhere. Nada. We live a quite different world compared to the rest of our neighbors. When I was young, I, out of habit, would slip my two small eyes in the window to look out the front yard after our three-o’clock meriyenda. Further out we can see the neighbor’s house. I saw...