An infant sleeps so soundly with his father’s loaded pistol
Hidden underneath his pillow.
His father is a priest who never fails to indulge
In lavish chocolates paired with imported civet coffee
And bottles of Johnnie Walker whiskey with a hint of holy water.
He does this during midnights
When everyone else is in the depths of sleep.
The father’s teeth have golden coating
That conceals his cavities.
And in the morning he masks his teeth’s golden coating,
With colors that scream of agony and decay,
While his baby sleeps so soundly,
In a chamber where God ends,
With his father’s loaded pistol hidden underneath the pillow.

About the author

Elijohn Barrios

Nag-aaral ng A.B. Literature sa University of San Agustin. Isang makata sa Ingles.

By Elijohn Barrios